Adventure Trail at Ausable Chasm

Ausable Chasm Adventure Trail:

Not like your normal ropes course, it's a true Via Ferrata route!

Strap on a harness and explore the Family-Friendly Adventure Trail, a region of upper Ausable Chasm that is not accessible from any other trail. Crisscross over the raging river on this fully-guided, unique via ferrata that features cable bridges, a cargo net climb, and edge walks. A via ferrata is a protected climbing route characterized by a steel cable that runs along the rock, offering a unique and awe-inspiring journey through the chasm. If you've always wanted to experience rock climbing, but never actually learned to do it, our adventure trail is perfect for you. This activity is always a big hit with groups, even large ones. (Please see our Group Rate page for specific information)

Climbers have a minimum 63" reach**, weigh between 50-250 pounds, and have a maximum waist size of 54” (customers close to limits may be required to complete a weigh-in). Guests should not attempt this course with a heart condition, back injury, neck injury, injured or immobile limbs, or while pregnant.  Guests under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Be smart and wear appropriate footwear.  This is a mix between hiking and rock climbing.  Hiking shoes or sneakers must be worn.  No sandals, slip-ons, flip-flops, finger shoes or Crocs of any type are permitted.  Shoes must cover the entire foot (no exposed skin or socks should be seen through the shoe).  Harnesses cannot touch bare skin and must be visible at all times, short shorts, dresses, tube tops, etc are not permitted.  While it is not necessary or required for this course, guests who would like to wear tight fitting gloves are welcome to bring their own.  None are provided.

Adventure Trail is open daily without reservations during the summer months (July 1st through Labor Day), or weekends during the fall.  Reservations for non-summer months can be made HERE:

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Rappelling at the Chasm

Climbing at the Chasm

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Assumption of Risk

*weather/river conditions permitting.  Reservations required for groups of 15 or more: 518-834-7454

**must be able to safely work a locking carabiner, clipping into a cable at 63" height, without assistance and feet flat on ground