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Our rafting tours are an exciting experience for the entire family (30 lbs. and up). After you are suited with a life jacket an experienced guide navigates the raft between the towering cliffs of the Grand Flume and past the Broken Needle. You cruise through the rapids and around the Whirlpool Basin and the tour ends with a long glide to the landing area. Following the foat tour guests have several options: explore the Rim Trail for true birds-eye views of the chasm, meander through two smaller "dry" chasms on the Dry Chasm Trails, or simply hop aboard one of our rolleys for a quick return to the Welcome Center.

NEW: raft or tube as many times as you like with our discounted 2nd trip option. After guests have taken either the raft or tube at the regular rate you are invited to go again and again for just $5 per trip - that's less  than 50% off each additional adult trip! Perfect for guests who want to raft and then tube!

Avoid the crowds: The float tours are very popular midday during summer.  We advise our guests who have limited time to arrive as early in the day as possible to avoid a possible wait for the optional float tour portion of your visit.  Due to  the fact that reservations are not possible, wait times of up to an hour can occur between 12PM and 2pm.  We feel the experience is worth the wait, but for guests who don't have ample time, arriving early is strongly advised.
up close with the river!
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