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gemstone mining

The Chasm Mining Sluice offers guests of all ages the opportunity to pan for gemstones and fossils. Located in our Welcome Center (near our cafe and gift shop), the sluice is available rain or shine!

Gemstone Mining Menu:

Gemstone Bag - $6.95
8 ounces of gemstones from all over the world including an arrowhead and crystal point

Fossil Bag - $8.95
15 Fossils including whale bone, shark teeth, and assorted sea fossils

Emerald and Ruby Bag - $8.95
10-11 ounces of gems, arrowhead, crystal point, plus real emeralds from Brazil and real rubies from Madagascar.

Arrowhead necklace - $1.00
We will wrap up the arrowhead that you find for only a dollar!


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