Need A Place to Stay?

Your Adirondack adventure does not begin and end at the chasm itself. We offer a variety of accommodations that will suit you and your family’s needs. Whether you are looking for a place to park your camper, pitch a tent, or book a room, Ausable Chasm has just the place you need to rest and play.

Stay and Play

We offer discounts to our guests who want to explore the wonders of Ausable Chasm while staying at our campground or onsite motel. The longer you stay, the more you save. Learn more Stay and Play


Enjoy one of the most scenic campgrounds in the Adirondacks, right on the grounds of Ausable Chasm. We offer many activities that the whole family will enjoy, including mountain biking, swimming, basketball and disc golf. Go Camping


Get out of the elements and into one of our log cabins for a relaxing, comfortable space that will accommodate up to four people. Find a Cabin

Ausable Chasm Motel

If camping isn’t your style, look no further than the Chasm Motel, offering cable TV, air conditioning, and a nightly rate that fits your budget.

Unfortunately, the Chasm Motel is closed for renovations in 2015. Please contact us and we can recommend other great places to stay.

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